Talk with Artificial Intelligence- type a question and ALICE (a computer) will answer -TOPICS Online Magazine for Learners of English - Sandy Peters and Thomas Peters - write a response to an article
Describe your neighbourhood with the help of Google Maps  -write your postal code and click "ok".  Get the maximum enlargement and click "Satellite" in the upper right corner of the page.  Describe the neighbourhood around your school or your home with the help of the pictures Generate a word cloud- any level

Sentence Practice

Punctuation rules  Online Writing Lab - Comma Splices - more exercises on the left
Writing Tips Contents - WritingDEN- help with sentences, paragraphs and essays BrainPOP on Run-On Sentences - watch a movie and do the quiz

 Guide to Writing a Basic Essay - a very good site to go to first Graphic organizers
Advanced Composition for NonNative Speakers of English  very good site gives examples and advice for writing essays of persuasion, giving instruction, comparison/contrast, cause/effect. Grammar practice to go with the essays. More graphic organizers
Writing: non-fiction texts | Index - BBC University of Ohio- explore the stages of the writing process (advanced)
Book Review -- Writing Tips Mapping The World By Heart: Never-Say-Neverisms



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