News Stories for ELLs


Website Description Level
News in Levels an excellent site with current news delivered at the beginning, intermediate and advanced level with audio, video and minimal advertising.   all levels
Teaching Kids News Canadian content ESLB and up
Simplified CURRENT Newspaper Stories short news stories with audio.  British English  ESLA/ELDB and up
News Stories:  Stories about Nature/   Science and Technology/   Social Issues/   Going Places More stories at News Stories -simplified authentic newspaper articles on a variety of topics with audio and exercises  (California Distance Learning Project) ESLA/ELDB and up
Breaking News A very rich site on current events.  Simplified.  Many levels, many activities.  late ESLB/ELDC up
Idioms in the News use of idioms in the news headlines-EnglishGateway  ESLDO and up
Time for Kids a news magazine geared towards students from Time Magazine  ESLC/ELDD and up

Newspapers - Newspaper & News Media Guide newspapers and magazines around the world- in English and other languages. World News
Toronto Star Canadian daily newspaper.  Not simplified. Current Events
The Globe and Mail Current Events
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Not simplified. Current Events
BBC World News British Broadcasting Corporation.  Not simplified. World News
CNN news stories archived simplified news stories News Archive


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