Map of Nunavut in English

Nunavut Map - in  Inuktitut

Nunavut 99 - the newest Canadian territory

The Territory - the land and the people



The People - the history of the people

Pond Inlet, Nunavut  Photo by Jerry Arreak




Polar Bear

NATURE: Great White Bear


The Culture & Language


Writing in Inuktitut - explore this site and read the Boy With Enormous Nostrils while you're there

Audio - Learn Inuktitut

Inuit Sculptures & Soapstone Carvings

 Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Inuktitut

Atanarjuat, the fast runner- an Inuit film based on a legend

Inuit (Eskimo) Games

Living Traditions | Inuit Games

 Inuit Music    listen to  Inuit throat singing,

The Spirit World



Web camera:

North Pole Web Cam

Earth View- Satellite picture of the Arctic

Auroras: Why are they different colors?

 Aurora, Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights  an amazing site.  Make sure to check the rising moon picture, and at least a few others.

Canadian Arctic Gallery

Arctic Tern
Natural World

Arctic animals

Tununiq Travel and Adventures - Our World

Arctic Wildlife from Arctic Studies Center

Canadian Arctic Profiles-Species

Tundra Animal Printouts - a big site- check tundra and taiga

Plant life , and what about Trees?

The World’s Biomes: Tundra     Tundra illustrations






Social Issues

Suicide and Inuit Youth

Canadian Residential Schools - legal text

Parry's Rock, Winter Harbour, Melville Island, Northwest Territories  (Courtesy of natural Resources Canada)










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